5154 Alu-Mg Wire
5154 Alu-Mg Wire

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Main Application: flexible coaxial cable, a variety of audio and video cable, vehicle signal cable, network cable, data transmission cables and so on. Al-Mg alloy wire 5154 can be used in the above cables: cable conductor, braiding and shielding, the single wire conductor and other conductors. Applicable to a variety of electronic components' lead wire, such as capactiors, resistors and so on. 
Innovation in product performance:
Large diameter  Aluminium Magnesium alloy wire  (Diameter >1.0mm)
1.Lower resistivity and enhanced tensile breaking force,breaking elongation percentage,
anti-wingding capacity and corrosion stability;
2.It is used in shield braiding of cables with its high shielding capacity and adaptability
under high-speed braiding to prevent electrochemical corrosion and prolong
its life;
3.As a good substitute of tined pure copper wire,it notably reduces the cost of cables.
We can offer any specifications of diameter between 0.12mm to 8mm according to clients'
Packing: wooden pallet & paper cartoon
Spec. Diameter Range Conductivity Tensile Strength Elongation Density
AL-MG Alloy Wire 0.12mm-2.00mm 30% 160MPA 6% 2.70-2.85g/cm3