Packing Aluminium Foil
Packing Aluminium Foil

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Packing Aluminium Foil is widely used for Cigarette, Medicine, Food, Beer Marks, Soft Aluminium Tube, Soft Aluminium Containers, Home-use for cooking/roasting/freezing/covering,  Cosmetics, Daily-use articles packing, and other packing industries, etc


Thickness(mm) Width (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Alloy Type Heat-treatment Out-diameter Application
0.0045-0.009 260-1000 75/76.2/150/152.4 1235 O 400mm Max Cigarette
8011 Food/Soft packing
Cosmetics packing
Vision Cable
0.009-0.0115 350-1550 76.2/150/152.4 1235 O 800mm Max Soft Tube
8011 Home-use
Beer marks
0.0115-0.040 400-1550 76.2/150/152.4 1145 O 800mm Max Medicine packing
1235 H18 Soft Tube
8006 Daily-use articles
8011 Packing industries

Production capacity: 5000MT per month
MOQ: 5MT each size.
Payment terms:  T/T , L/C